This pamphlet is a summary of the laws and procedures for Social Security Disability.

Do you live in Arizona and believe you or a family member (including a child) might be eligible for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) or supplemental security income (SSI)? Reading this pamphlet should help you understand what you'll need to know.

The page you're reading has this introduction, a helpful list of acronyms (abbreviations), and a table of contents for the rest of the pamphlet. The pamphlet was adapted from the Blue Book, September 2008 - SSA Pub. No. 64-039, ICN 468600.

This pamphlet is not a complete summary of all the laws dealing with Social Security Disability. THIS SUMMARY IS ONLY MEANT TO BE A HELPFUL OUTLINE - IT IS NOT THE LAW! Even though we try to keep this summary up to date, many legal changes take place. So this booklet may not have the latest law in a particular area. In addition, every person's situation and case is different and many exceptions to these general rules exist. Anyone who needs representation in his or her disability case or HELP IN FINDING AN ATTORNEY FOR ANY PURPOSE should contact:

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List of Abbreviations

This guide uses some abbreviations and acroynms that you'll encounter as you read its sections. For your convenience, we'll define each of them briefly here. If you'd prefer, you may click on the section number after a definition to jump to a section with more information.

Table of Contents

This page: Introduction and Table of Contents

  1. Program Description
  2. How SSA Defines Disability
  3. Disability in Children
  4. What is a "Medically Determinable Impairment"?
  5. The Disability Determination Process
  6. Social Security Field Offices
  7. Arizona Disability Determination Service
  8. Office of Disability Adjudication and Review
  9. The Role of the Health Professional
  10. Treating Sources
  11. Consultative Examiners for the DDS
  12. Program Medical Professionals
  13. Medical Experts
  14. Confidentiality of Records
  15. Questions and Answers About Social Security Disability Programs
  16. Question A: Who can get disability benefits under Social Security?
  17. Question B: How is the disability determination made?
  18. Question C: When do disability benefits start?
  19. Question D: What can an individual do if he or she disagrees with the determination?
  20. Question E: Can individuals receiving disability benefits or payments get Medicare or Medicaid coverage?
  21. Question F: Can someone work and still receive disability benefits?